Portugal. The Man // The Pixies \\ Emily Jane White

Portugal. The Man – Evil friends

I missed this in my best albums of 2013 round-up. It reminds me of ‘God Ween Satan’ era Ween or my old Cellardoor favourite ‘New drug queens’ by the Pink Mountain Tops. Give it until 1.12 where it kicks in.

iTunes link

Pixies – Magdalena

I really, really want to like the new Pixies songs. Last years EP1 just didn’t do it for me. It wasn’t the Pixies I know and wasn’t breaking any new ground either. EP2 came out few weeks ago and is better in that it’s more of same old Pixies sound minus some of their original intensity and quirkiness. Magdalena is the standout track for me across both EPs.

They’re one of my top bands of all-time and I’ve lived with their music for over 20 years which perhaps makes me over-critical of anything new. We’ll never play together again they said… If you don’t know their music listen these albums in this order: Surfer Rosa, Doolittle, Come on pilgrim, Bossanova and then the B-sides album. Don’t start off with Trompe Le Monde

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Emily Jane White – Wild tigers I have known

This could have come straight off Cat Power’s 2003 ‘You are free’ album. I found this on the 2007 soundtrack of the same name. It’s only piano & voice but simply magical. I’m rather partial to this kind of arrangement (see Agnes Obel)

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